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In this sexy video I enjoy getting a little dirty during my shower. Watch as I attatch a dildo to my glass shower wall and use it to filly my mouth and pussy. Next, stroke your cock to the sight of my tight ass bouncing against the glass as I work myself back and forth on my toy while spraying water on my clit until I cum.
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Thank you for making the perilous journey to attend this secret counsel. A great threat looms over Middle Earth, and you are the only one we can entrust with this quest. We came into possession on the One Ring many years ago and are no longer able to keep it safe. Should the ring stay with us, it will surely find its way into the hands of those bent on the destruction of ur world. All will be lost. The ring needs to be destroyed and you are the only one that we can trust. However, before I can hand over possession of the ring, I must see into your heart and test your strength of character. The only way to do this to have you bare your soul to me. Slide this ring on and listen carefully to my words as I test and seduce you with my body. A great many temptations lay ahead and you must be able to find your way back. Think of me and allow my beautiful form to lead you back to rightness. Allow me to be the caveat of your lust and desire. That’s right, touch yourself, give yourself over to me and let me see what you are made of. With each stroke of your cock you fall deeper under the control of the ring, but I know you can prevail over its power. Fight back to urge to orgasm and edge your desire to my instructions and I promise that you will find a great release. Once I know you can be trusted I will allow you to shoot your hot cum all over my face so that I may sample the very essence of your being.
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